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a Description: The estimated time and cost  to get from London airports to Brighton using taxis, trains, and buses.


Brighton Airport Transfer–Everything You Need to Know


How do you best get to Brighton from a London airport (or vice versa)? Is it by bus, train, or car?


As it turns out, you can use any of these modes of transportation to get to Brighton from the airport. However, the different options have different perks and costs attached to them.


A Quick Overview of Brighton Airport Transfer Options


You can get from all London airports by bus, car, or train. Some have direct routes with a bus or train, others you have to go on routes that involve several stops, possibly even changes.


As a general rule, the bus is the cheapest but most uncomfortable option. Sometimes you have to wait for the bus–at certain hours they don’t run very frequently, at other times there are so many people you have to wait for one or two buses to depart before you get a seat.


You have to lug your own luggage to the bus and often load it and unload it, too. What’s more, chances are the nearest bus stop to where you are going is not just outside your hotel or home, so you’ll have to either take another bus, walk, or catch a taxi/Uber.


Trains are usually more comfortable and often faster–especially during rush hour. However, as with buses they rarely take you exactly where you’re going (if coming from the airport). Once you arrive at the nearest stop, you have to catch a bus or a taxi, or walk to your destination. And with all your luggage, too.


Trains tend to cost a bit more than the bus, depending on where you’re going.


As for taxis and airport shuttles, they’re a lot more convenient. If it’s a private taxi the drivers can usually navigate out of bad traffic and use the back roads–something buses can’t do. And unlike Ubers, if you have agreed on a set price, they won’t charge you for taking a faster route, even if it’s longer.


Airport transfers with taxis have the benefit of either picking you up by your doorstep, or dropping you off there. You don’t have to use several forms of transport, or drag your luggage across town.


What’s more, someone like Brighton City Chauffeur will help you carry your luggage from arrivals straight to the car. You don’t have to do that by yourself. We also track your flight and offer to wait for free for 60 minutes after the plane lands.


Our taxis further offer a luxurious ride with free wifi and bottled water, as well as the latest newspapers. You can relax. Something which is a bit harder on a bus or train. Of course, a taxi costs more, but it saves you time, so it’s something you need to weigh up.


Now, let’s look at the details–how much different options cost and how long it takes getting from the various airports to and from Brighton. Note that these are approximate times and costs.


Airport Transfer to Gatwick


Driving/Taxi: 40-60 minutes starting from £X


Bus: 40-60 minutes starting from £7


Train: 30 minutes starting from £10 (with the express service)


Airport Transfer to Heathrow


Driving/Taxi: 60-90 minutes starting from £X (the time and price varies depending on which terminal you’re going to)


Bus: 2 hours starting from £8


Train: 2 hours starting from £20


Airport Transfer to Luton


Driving/Taxi: 2 hours starting from £X (it depends on which terminal you are going to how long the journey is)


Bus: 4 hours starting from £30


Train: 2 hours 15 minutes starting from £20 though usually costs exceed £50


Airport Transfer to Stansted


Driving/Taxi: 2 hours starting from £X


Bus: 3 hours 30 minutes starting from £23


Train: 2 hours 20 minutes starting from £35


Airport Transfer to London City Airport


Driving/Taxi: 80 minutes from £X


Bus: No direct buses


Train: 90 minutes starting from £20


In Closing


As you can see, there are several factors to weigh up–travel time, cost, and convenience being the main three. Note that the above does not include the travel time or cost for getting from a bus or train station in Brighton to/from your home or hotel, so you have to add that on top if you choose to go by train or bus.


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