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Brighton-Gatwick taxi

When you’re planning a holiday away, how best to get to the airport is always a consideration. Some people decide to opt for public transport, whilst others enlist family and friends to ferry them to the airport ready for their flight. Still, others decide to drive to the airport, leaving their vehicle in long-term parking before embarking on their foreign travels. Although all these options have their advantages, generally the easiest, most cost-effective method of arriving at the airport is to take a taxi or chauffeur driven vehicle. Read on to discover four reasons why a taxi is often the best choice.

24-hour service

Finding a plane that departs at a reasonable hour is always a challenge! Most people are more familiar with taking flights which leave in the early hours of the morning. It is typically these flights which are hardest to arrive for at a reasonable time. With public transport often stopping at midnight or thereabouts, few passengers want a four or five hour wait at the airport before boarding. Similarly, it’s really stretching goodwill to expect family members to set out with a car load of passengers in the middle of the night! A 24-hour taxi will guarantee you the services of a professional, alert driver who would welcome the opportunity to get you to your destination exactly when required.


A recurring nightmare for many holidaymakers is the thought that their vehicle might break down on the way to the airport. From a flat tyre through to a more serious fault which involves calling out a breakdown service, the risk of a last-minute mechanical failure is always a worry. In addition, alarms fail, people over-sleep, traffic can be worse than you’d envisaged or you may not be familiar with the route. A Brighton-Gatwick taxi service overcomes all these barriers, with a high-performance, well-maintained vehicle and experienced driver at your disposal exactly when needed.

A calm, comfortable start to the holiday

Going on holiday is fun, but it can also be extremely stressful. A punctual driver followed by a smooth, relaxing ride in a prestige vehicle is just the thing to start the process of leaving the stresses and strains of everyday life behind. Enjoy comfortable, roomy seating, climate control and free wi-fi as you enjoy your airport trip.

Cheaper than long-term parking or a hotel

In many cases, it works out less expensive to hire a chauffeur-driven vehicle than if you drive to the airport and use long-term parking. Public transport can also be costly, particularly if you also need to hire a hotel to while away the hours between airport arrival and plane departure.

For all these reasons and more, a Brighton-Gatwick taxi service is probably the best way to get your holiday off to a fantastic start.

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