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Bad traffic conditions during the annual Christmas getaway are unfortunately almost as much a UK tradition as mince pies and Santa! The combination of particularly large numbers of travellers and frequently poor weather conditions mean that progress on the roads is often slow. Add in the usual hazards of roadworks and diversions and it becomes apparent that almost any road trip is going to become a challenge, especially if one of the London airports is the chosen destination! We’ve put together four top tips for busting the holiday traffic, maximising the chances of arriving at your destination on time and in the right frame of mind to enjoy your holiday!

1. Pick your travel time with care

Experts suggest that, if you can’t avoid travel during the festive season, it’s best to set off early in the morning or after 8pm in order to avoid the worst of the traffic. As many flights tend to leave early in the morning, it’s reassuring that travel times to the airport usually fall in the hours which are less popular with other motorists. Obviously it makes sense to leave early, particularly if you’re travelling to the airport. If you use a Brighton Airport taxi, you can usually get some good advice about how much time to allow when you book.

2. Avoid busy roads

If you use a Brighton airport taxi to make your airport trip, your driver will already be familiar with which roads to avoid in order to beat the Christmas rush. Whereas you and your family may only make the trip to the airport once or twice a year, a shuttle driver will be taking passengers up to the airport daily, often making two or three trips or more a day. This means they have an excellent understanding of where delays and bottlenecks are likely to occur and how best to negotiate them so that you still reach the airport on time.

3. Be alert for last minute delays

Our drivers are constantly monitoring the travel news to ensure they’re some of the first to hear about any unexpected delays. An intimate knowledge of the route enables them to quickly plan an alternative shortcut if needed.

4. Keep passengers warm, comfortable and entertained

With free wi-fi, spacious seating and cool, bottled water on hand if required, our Mercedes vehicles have everything needed for a comfortable, entertaining journey. Even if you do get delayed a little, our vehicles ensure you’ll be relaxing in luxury surroundings whilst our driver gets you to your destination.

Our taxi service in Brighton and the surrounding area includes chauffeured airport shuttles to all the major London airports (Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton etc). We are often able to take bookings at short notice, including corporate airport transfers. To find out more about our Brighton airport taxi service or to book, please get in touch.Brighton Airport taxis

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