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We get it, that’s why we’re here 24/7 to offer one of Brighton best value and cheapest airport transfer services in Brighton. Additionally, given the Covid-19 pandemic, our driver partners are following extra precautions to ensure everyone is transferred safely and securely.

There really is no need to worry about your Heathrow airport pickup, Brighton City Chauffeur will help make your airport journey and transfer relaxed and stress free. You can book your Heathrow transfer quickly and easily online, by chat, by phone or via our mobile app. We have vehicles for all types of journeys.

All our vehicles are fully licensed and insured, authorised by Transport for Brighton. A wide range of vehicles are on offer including Black cars, standard clen saloons, spacious people and comfy carriers and even sleek executive vehicles. Our drivers NEVER have an expectation of a tip at all.

Brighton Airport Taxis

The Safe and Most Reliable

Way to the Airport

Believe it or not, most people prefer to leave the car at home when they travel to the airport. It’s true, driving is a complex task and the stress involved can even make getting to the airport slightly ‘unsafe’. At the same time, while it may not seem like a big deal on the outset, how you get to the airport will also determine the presence or absence of this stress at the start of your journey.

In fact, recent studies in the UK show that more than 70% of drivers lose concentration due to stress and anxiety. Whether this relates to other road users or personal issues, it’s clear that driving to the airport is certainly not the safest or most relaxing way to begin your journey.

For this reason, travelling with Brighton airport taxis is not only less stressful but also much safer given that you have an experienced and composed driver behind the wheel. On the other hand, this is merely one of many reasons why you might want to consider an airport transfer as opposed to driving yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at why Brighton airport taxis offer a much better alternative for getting to the airport:

5 Reasons to Start Your Journey with Brighton Airport Taxis

1. You Can Save Time with Brighton Airport Taxis

You might have the option of taking a shuttle bus to the airport but let’s be honest, this is likely the most round-a-bout way to the airport. If you take your car or rental vehicle on this same journey, you also need to spend time picking up and dropping off the car. On the other hand, Brighton airport taxis can take you from one doorstep to another and save you the inconvenience of stopping for other travellers.As if that’s not enough, Brighton cabs can use the bus lanes at peak times and bypass congested areas around town. With this in mind, you also save time and when it comes to airport transfers, this is extremely important. In other words, Brighton airport taxis will ensure you get there on time and without delays of any kind.

2. Brighton Cabs are More Affordable

As you may know, renting a car is always an option but car hire hove is not the most affordable. What’s more, you need to cover the cost of fuel and then certain fees for parking your car anywhere near the airport. In fact, we wrote an article about the rise of parking fees in Brighton recently and when you combine these charges with the cost of car rental and fuel, taxi is always more affordable.

3. Taking a Brighton Taxi

Let’s be honest, getting to the airport is one of the more stressful aspects of travel. For many people, this stress is self-inflicted in a sense that they worry a little too much about missing their flight but either way, this stress and anxiety still exists. For this reason, booking a Brighton taxi can alleviate many of these unnecessary feels as the driver takes some of the responsibility for getting you there on time.

4. Brighton Airport Transfers Offer Unrivalled Convenience

Experience is another obvious benefit of Brighton airport taxis as the drivers are fully accustomed to driving to the airport. As a result, they know the fastest way to the airport at every time of day or night and know precisely what terminal at which you will need to depart.

5. Booking a Brighton Airport Transfer Takes Mere Seconds

It’s true, with no registration process and no need to check fuel or prepare the car, an airport taxi service is the most straightforward option for getting to the airport. As already mentioned, it takes just seconds to make this arrangement and you can be sure that they will arrive on time when you choose a reliable Brighton airport taxi service.


As you can see, taking an airport transfer from Brighton is much more convenient than any alternative. What’s more, you can save money with this option and this is certainly true if you intend on leaving the car at airport parking for several days. More specifically, there’s a lot to be said about starting your journey without any unnecessary stress or anxiety and with an experienced driver at the wheel, you can be sure that Brighton airport taxis can get you there on time, every time!

Just so you know, Brighton City Chauffeur offers a reliable airport transfer from Brighton to Gatwick, Heathrow and London Stanstead.

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