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Taxi apps are one of the most modern ways of organising your cab hire. The days when customers needed to call in order to request a cab, or try to operate a cumbersome website, are long gone. With the Brighton taxi app available to customers across the city and beyond, we take a look at why a taxi app is the perfect option for all your hiring and transport needs.

Short notice taxi bookings as well as advance bookings

One of the main advantages of a taxi app is that you can call a cab straight away, as well as book one in advance if necessary. This means you can call for a taxi whenever you need one, wherever you are. Not only is this convenient, it’s also always handy to know that in an emergency, a taxi to take you safely home is just a few clicks away.

Apps are responsive for the small screen

With more people now accessing the Internet from their phone than through any other medium, it makes sense to use software that’s specifically geared to small screen users. When you use a taxi app, the screen and features are configured so that they can be easily operated from a phone screen. Apps are also designed to load rapidly, enabling you to order your taxi with minimal delay.

Track your driver and find out who they are

When you book a taxi through an app, you get to find out far more about who you’re riding with than simply the name of the company. An app will not only allow you to track your driver (so you can see how much longer you’re likely to have to wait), you can also find out the name of the driver and the registration of your vehicle. This is particularly useful if you end up leaving something in the cab, or want to re-book the same driver.

Pay for your taxi by card

How often have you come to pay for a taxi, only to find that you don’t have enough ready cash on you? These days, it’s not uncommon to simply not be carrying much cash, as card payments are accepted so widely. This is now the case with taxis, with an app letting you pay for your journey by card before you start it.

Know exactly how much your trip will cost

The days when you would watch the meter with dread, unsure how much your trip was going to cost, are long gone. With a taxi app, you will receive a quote for your journey before you take it, ensuring you always know exactly how much you’ll need to budget for.

With so many advantages, it’s little wonder taxi apps are a popular choice with passengers who value convenience and added value.

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