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Five things you (probably) never knew about taxis!

Most of us will have caught a taxi at some point or another! An absolute essential for that early morning airport shuttle run or late night lift home from the pub or club, taxis are a convenience we all value. As well as being a useful form of transport when you need it most, taxis and taxi drivers have their own unique history and ways of doing things. Here we take a look at some of the intriguing facts which set taxis and cabbies apart from the rest.

Why don’t cabbies wear a seatbelt?

Although you may find that some taxi drivers wear a seat belt, by law they are not required to do so! Strangely enough, the law states that if they are “a licensed taxi driver” who’s engaging in “carrying passengers” or “plying for hire” then they need not wear a seatbelt. The logic behind this is that taxi drivers could be at risk of unscrupulous passengers twisting the belt to immobilise them whilst robbing their takings.

Why do taxi drivers sit on beads?

A common sight in taxis across the globe, the theory behind the bead “cushions” which drivers use is that they improve ventilation. The movement of the driver on the beads as they travel is also meant to provide a type of “mini massage” helping to relieve stress and tension.

Mexican gendered taxis

Whilst our Brighton taxi service is open to all, in Mexico there are some cabs which are only available to women! The pink-painted taxis in Mexico have female drivers and are for women only. The intention behind the taxis is for women to feel that they can ride safe from harassment.

Possibly the most dangerous job in the world

Not many people tend to think of taxi driving as being a high-risk job, but the murder statistics for taxi drivers suggest otherwise! A well-known US study in the early 2000s showed that the average rate of murder was 0.37/100 000 workers; but for taxi drivers, that rate rose to a staggering 7.4/100 000 drivers! Thankfully, our drivers are all alive and well, ready to take you wherever you need to go.

No plague carriers on board

Amazingly, it is illegal for the sufferers of some communicable diseases to be carried in a taxi. If you’re unfortunate enough to be suffering from (among others) the plague, TB, anthrax, rabies or cholera, then you cannot legally be transported by taxi. The ban is mandated in relatively recent legislation: the 1984 Public Health (Control of Disease) Act.

Taxis and taxi drivers offer a fantastic solution to all your transport requirements. From airport transfers to a safe, handy way of getting home after a few beers or a late night event, a taxi is a modern convenience that many of us would find it hard to live without.

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